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Innovative activities require high levels of investment, this is the reason why
we use the possibilities of EU subsidies to develop.


“Developing innovative designs for PET packaging
and launch their production.”

Under the Operational Programme of Innovative Economy.
Operation 4.2 Stimulation the B+R operations of enterprises and supporting in the industrial design field.

The project covered by the grant agreement No.: UDA-POIG.04.02.00-08-003/09-01

4 538 400,00 PLN
Complete project budget
2 590 000,00 PLN
Amount of funding

Project co-financed by EU funds by the European Union from The European Regional Development fund.


“Reasearch and development of innovative technology
of producing PET cans with increased thermal durability
using hot tincture.”

Under the Operational Programme of Innovative Economy of 2007-2013.
Operation 1.4 Support for special projects with priority of axis 1 Examination and development of new technologies.

The project covered by the grant agreement No.: UDA-POIG.01.04.00-08-023/11

3 087 118,50 PLN
Complete project budget
1 417 630,00 PLN
Amount of funding

Project co-financed by EU funds by the European Union from The European Regional Development fund.


“Launching the production of innovative PET cans
(empty/full) intended for the hot tincture.“

Under Measure 4.4 New investments of high innovative potential of the Operational
Programme Innovative Economy.

The project covered by the grant agreement No.: UDA-POIG.04.04.00-32-005/13-00 / will be realised in the period from 1 January 2014 to 30 June 2015

50 992 900,00 PLN
Complete project budget
23 001 260,00 PLN
Amount of funding
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Project co-financed by EU funds by the European Union from The European Regional Development fund.

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Information about project

Innovative production of PET Cans

The project involves the implementation of an innovative production technology of PET cans. As a result Invento will introduce to the world market product innovation in the form of cans with plastic polyethylene terephthalate with improved thermal stability, designed for packaging liquid hot offered empty or filled drink.

PET box designed for hot tincture is the first such solution, which will be implemented on an industrial scale.

New PET cans with hot tincture in relation to the Placing products already on the market place is the:changes in the characteristics of the product in the area of PET cans resistance to high temperature , leakage , microbiological safety , sterility and durability, reduce the use of preservatives and artificial colors , the possibility of forming the shape and appearance, transparency , durability and reliability , which the total is not able to offer any packaging manufacturer . The essence of product innovation is the combination of the advantages of PET bottles under the properties of PET in terms of the possibility of transmitting a variety of forms, shapes and colors with the properties of aluminum cans for containment cans and heat resistance tincture , allowing to obtain a unique product that combines the best features of different types of packaging for beverages.
Product innovation is the result of its own research and development activities Invento Ltd. The idea for the invention of a new product was created in 2011, based on a careful analysis of market demand for used beverage containers . In order to transform the concept into a real foundation , the company has prepared a research and development of project “Research and development of innovative technology for the production of PET cans of high strength heat with the hot tincture “, aimed at developing the production technology of PET cans intended for hot tincture . This project has gained funding from the Innovative Economy Operational Programme under Measure 1.4 Support for special projects ( grant agreement no UDA-POIG.01.04.00-08-023/11-00.

Achieved results in the framework of the project resulted in the development of research methodology to produce a report containing cans PET hot tincture adapted
to industrial production , specifying all the necessary technological parameters and the development of procedures for obtaining cans.

The results of this research are the cornerstone of the implementation of this Project.

During project following investment
activities related to the creation of a new production plant:

  • purchase of developed property ( land and finished production hall );
  • purchase of new fixed assets in the form of complete equipment manufacturing facility consisting of a line for blowing PET cans , hot filling line with the station to prepare beverages and auxiliary equipment;
  • purchasing management software lines;
  • purchase of consultancy services for the implementation of technology, optimization of the technological and production processes;
  • purchase of specialized training for newly hired employees in the service lines and software;
  • in addition, in connection with the planned expansion of the research and development department necessary equipment will be purchased and it will build place for two new R & D Workers.

Expected results of the project are:

  • the creation of 21.5 jobs for new production workers and administrative workers;
  • implementation on an industrial scale manufacture of innovative technology for PET cans of hot tincture and hot filling beverages;
  • implementation of class system “ERP” – Enterprise Resource planning as a new organizational solutions company;
  • development of existing R & D department;
    positive impact on horizontal policies , such as equal opportunities and non-discrimination and the environment and sustainable development;
  • increase in revenues from exports.

As part of the research work, the company has developed technology solutions that determine the possibility of producing PET plastic cans to be hot tincture, which previously was impossible because of the nature of the material, which is polyethylene terephthalate and its mechanical limitations.

Standard PET material is too low heat resistance.

Furthermore, such packaging must withstand the pressure changes occurring after pouring hot liquid. They have also developed key technologies for the possibility produce PET plastic packaging in the form of cans, which closing occurs by rolling down a thin collar with an aluminum lid.

The essence of technology innovation is the development of solutions that protect thin collar PET prior to deformation as a result of the high temperatures in the hot tincture , resulting plastic packaging is not deforming under the influence of high temperature , fully functional and fit for sealing the aluminum lid. The described solutions have been included in the efforts to protect the exclusive rights of industrial property Invento Ltd. in obtaining a patent.
They are the subject of two patent applications by the company in March 2013 ( P.403249 and P.403250 ) . Invento Ltd. holds the exclusive right to use the patent for an invention ” The preform for producing a container consisting of a box and a handle into the preform in the process of forming the container ” No PL 212384 of 2012.

Project co-financed by EU funds by the European Union from The European Regional Development fund.