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Schweppes Introduces New Dark Ginger Ale

 Just in time for the holiday season, Schweppes is giving consumers more of the great ginger taste they love with the introduction of the new Schweppes Dark Ginger Ale.

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US retail sales of diet soda remain in freefall, reveals latest Nielsen data

Unit sales of diet soda are still falling at an alarming rate in the US retail market, with the latest Nielsen data showing an 8.2% decline in the four weeks to October 31 vs the same period a year ago, a 7.4% decline in 12 weeks to Oct 31, and a 7.3% decline in the 52 weeks to Oct 31, according to Wells Fargo.

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Supplemental Brewing

A post-workout brew: Crafting a protein-packed beer for the fitness crowd

Supplemental Brewing has launched a protein-infused beer for athletes “who don’t want their workouts to get in the way of their weekend.”

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Mamma Chia Goes for the Green(s)

Chia beverage pioneer Mamma Chia has launched a new line of chia and greens drinks that debuted this week at Safeway stores in Northern California and Haggen locations in the Southwestern U.S. Boasting higher fiber and protein counts than current green beverages on the market, Mamma Chia founder and CEO Janie Hoffman believes that the four-SKU line has the potential to “evolve the greens category in a way that we haven’t seen.”

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PepsiCo and Starbucks join forces in Latin American RTD coffee market

PepsiCo and Starbucks are partnering to distribute RTD coffee and energy drinks from Starbucks in Latin America, eyeing up a market worth $4bn and projected to grow by 22% over five years.

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With Launch of Sam Lives, Fresh Samantha is (Sort Of) Back, Again

She is the namesake of pioneering super premium juice brand Fresh Samantha, and while Samantha Levin was just two years old when her father launched the beverage line, she’s following in the footsteps of her family’s business — for the second time — with a high pressure processed (HPP) smoothie/meal replacement brand called “Sam Lives.”

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Energizing Zest Tea charts high-octane growth

Many a tea lover has settled for coffee or an energy drink when desperate for an energy fix. But Zest Tea hopes to change that with its high-caffeine brewed teas. 

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Sparkling ICE Cans

A couple months ago, Talking Rain announced the launch of a new package option for its popular Sparkling ICE brand. The new 8 oz. slim cans have an upscale look, as compared to the brand’s PET bottles, and we’re quite impressed with the execution in design.

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Bomb Energy Drink

In package design and marketing, the Bomb brand has been interpreted in a literal sense, with a mushroom cloud motif. This, more than anything else, feels like a really bad approach in that it will certainly relegate this product to being viewed as a novelty product.

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Guru Organic Sparkling Energy Water

Guru recently added a line of organic, zero-calorie, and sparkling “energy waters” to its portfolio of energy drinks. The new products are sweetened with erythritol and stevia, something we question for beverages that are marketed as “waters.”

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