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With Mutant and Hydro, Monster Takes Aim at Mountain Dew and Mtn Dew Kickstart

Monster Beverage Corp. earlier this week unveiled two new products: Mutant, an energy “super soda,” and Hydro, an energy-enhanced, non-carbonated hydration beverage. The company introduced the new beverages at its annual shareholder meeting, held on Tuesday. 

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Many new clients using Innovative Pet Can are comming!

Innovative company Invento, which started production at the end of year 2015, can already speak about a big success. More and more customers have decided to use Invento product, that allows them to stand out on the store shelf. At the moment on European store shelves, we can already find five customers, who as they say, thanks to the Invento Pet Can have gradually growing sale of products.

For the latest product among Invento customers are Vibe Chill drinks in three flavor varieties, known so far only from aluminum cans. Another product is the apple juice NFC produced in hot filling technology. It is a decisive breakthrough in products, that were previously associated mainly with the cartons.


Enjoy Vibe is a company, that is offering healthy and natural products. Currently, in the company’s portfolio there are 2 lines available: Chill Vibe Relaxing Tea and Vibe Vitamin Waters. From the beginning all products of Vibe were designed for a healthy lifestyle.

Vibe products does not contain preservatives, artificial colors and have a minimum amount of calories.


The company Activ is a producer of natural cloudy juice ROYAL APPLE. This is the juice not from concentrate, made of selected healthy apples with the addition of other fruits or vegetables. ROYAL APPLE juices manufactured by Activ Sp. z o.o., are available in cartons type of bag in box with a capacity of 3l, 5l and in glass bottles of 750ml, 330ml.

To meet the expectations of our customers we expanded product range with the products in innovative packaging and now Royal apple juice is also available in the Pet Can 315ml.

Invento production plant is working at full capacity

       Opened less than four months ago in Gardno, Invento’s manufacturing facility started working at full capacity. The investment expenditure reached over 50 million PLN. The production facility, first built as an experimental facility, now has additional investments planned for it. The large interest shown by customers indicates a need for an expansion of the facility and an increase in the maximum possibility of production.


Production in Gardno Facility (video)


       Invento is a company, which on a global scale produces a highly innovative beverage packaging solution, the PET can. The can is produced through blowing the preform, which is one of the Polish companies patents. 

      The plant in Gardno is equipped with two blow-molding machines, which are capable of producing around 160 million cans per year. In addition to the production of PET cans, the factory also offers bottling services of both plastic and aluminium cans; which is possible due to the analogousness of the closures of both types. The performance of the bottling lines is around 100 million finished products per year. However, companies interested in working with Invento should quickly decide on the implementation of the innovative product, as production plans are to be scheduled several months ahead. The breakthrough technology, in addition to the variety of benefits, ensures companies’ willingness to cooperate with Invento. With the nearing end of January, Invento will increase its services to accommodate for hot filling.

     can_3 Bottle-line-up


      Already in the first months of operation, companies such as REFO, 3S Corporations, as well as Tickle Water, have all decided to work together with Invento to produce their beverages: Akvo, SWEETY DRINK, and Tickle Water, respectively. Three companies operating on completely different markets, testify to the fact that the very innovative technology has been recognized not only in Poland but also worldwide. An attractive drink, combined with an innovative packaging solution, is a winning combination that brings tangible benefits in sales growth and in strengthening the market position.

      We strongly believe, that with time, many products on various global markets will be packaged in the innovative packaging solution created by Invento.

Poland’s Invento to launch PET can factory

Polish packaging maker Invento has unveiled plans to open a new production facility in Gryfino, in the country’s north-western part.

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