What we can offer

Exceptional Invento offer

We would like to introduce three variants, prepared for you by Invento.
We are confident that our offers will meet your expectations.

option 1

Empty PET Can.

This offer is dedicated to producers with bottling lines for aluminum cans.
With support from the Invento technical team, calibration of existing machines allows for closing the PET cans.

Empty cans delivered straight to the customer

Calibration carried out by our technical team

option 2

Private Label.
Designing cans and PET production process of the finished product (from blowing to ready product).

In this option of cooperation Invento is the party responsible for the whole process.
On the basis of the the Client’s guidelines, the can’s size and shape is selected, and the recipe of the beverage is chosen.
It is also possible to deliver the finished product. In that case, Invento will prepare a draft label and provide filling services.

Choosing the size
of the cans

Blow molding preform to the desired shape of the can

Delivery of the finished product directly to the customer

option 3

Blow moulding machine + preform.
Manufacture of preforms and delivering them to a customer.

The customer decides to purchase the blow moulding machine.

Produce preforms
on request

Providing purchase preforms and blow moulding machine