Invento blow moulding machine

Blow moulding machine is an automatic machine for production
of PET cans from preforms.
  • Maximum capacity


    cans per hour
    (0,5 l standard cans with
    low weight preform)

  • Capacity


    cans per hour

  • Type of preform neck closure


  • Number of blow
    moulding cavities


  • Maximum can size

    1 litr

  • Installed capacity

    98kW /180kW

  • Max. blowing pressure

    40 bar

  • Air consumption
    per 0,5 litre can


    (40 bar, 5.000
    cans per hour)

  • Air consumption (9 bar)


modern solutions

Technical information

The operating system is based on an austrian company – Bernecker, which enables full control of the blow moulding machine and fault analysis.

Communication with the operator is realized through the use of a touchscreen. The touchscreen is placed
in one box with PLC controller. Such a solution ensures very fast communication and eliminates
communication faults especially during voltage differences in power supply.

Stretch rod system is based on serwomotors together with planetary gear.

This innovation ensures very high movement repeatability and high quality PET cans production.
Additionally, the stretch rod innovation eliminates the need for the adjustment of the stretch rods when you change blow moulds.
System automatically adjusts itself to the height of produced cans so it is not necessary to change
the position of stretch rod during changing can production.

Blow moulding machine TES-BM41C/TES-BM82C has extended system
of regulation of technological parameters.

This is necessary especially when you produce cans with special shapes.
The cans are delivered directly onto belt conveyors, which are placed above the machine.
Thanks to above solutions the machine TES-BM41C/TES-BM82C is a low cost exploitation machine,
high-reliability machine and very easy to operate.

The options:

  • Air pressure
    recovery system
  • Internet connection blow
    moulding machine to
    the manufacturer
  • Automatic adjustment
    of preform temperature
  • Can blowing control
  • Blow moulds